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A man, in his early thirties, nice, cute, good looking got a job in airline ways like a pilot. He was so diligent and smart. He always ensures he arrives at work at the right time even if it was not everyday. On any vehicle he is to handle either the aeroplane, the jet or even the helicopters, he always exercises care to avoid the ghastly accident that killed his parents while he was 10.

On this particular day, he came to work as early as always in his well-polished shoes, unruffled black suit and his red tie all giving him this outward glamorous look fitting his great personality. He has been a professional pilot after all. Unusually, as he walked in into the office, he suddenly became conscious of the several eyes that stared at him. He didn’t always notice it because he was always in a haste to get to the office. That day, he was not. It seemed like he didn’t have any flight until 2 pm at noon. He just smiled, reduced his pace and walked quietly. Guess what? He didn’t walk to his office this time around, he walked to an air hostess and muttered some words to her smiling. It seemed he asked her out. She responded to him with a dirty slap.
What happened was what some girls do just because they won’t be available. But she caused a great embarrassment for that pilot. He just needed a girl.
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